19 Jun – 22 Jun 2022
Prague Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic

Events Club Forum is The Meet-up & Market Place for the Event Industry

The perfect mix between B2B, exhibition,and keynotes, using your time most effectively!

Events Club Forum is the event for the event industry, the event where you meet professionals only, the event where you gain within just two days, most valuable business contacts.

The event was born realizing the original trade shows offer huge time loss. The investments made in preparation to be able to meet prospects, the midweek days, the many unknown visitors on the floor. At the Events Club Forum, efficiency is key: No visitors are attending to just fill the floor, you can, if you want, be productive back in the office on Wednesday, and the event organization creates your match-made meeting schedule in the exhibition as well as the B2B area, whilst leaving time to attend keynotes.

Events Club is a fully catered event, without cues for paid outlets, but where everyone enjoys coffee breaks, luncheons, and a fantastic dinner all together. All ideal opportunities to catch up with partners you met earlier or to increase your networking potential. The event area is small, so to reduce walking distances, and the number of participants kept to a number in which you feel noted, appreciated, and not lost. Event planners are taken care of with direct transfers to hotels, maximizing the time out of vehicles, and into the event. Into the possibility to spend some time working, enjoy private time, and to enjoy Prague.

This is because Prague is a wonderful place, voted the number 1 most beautiful city in the world by Time Out. What better place to spend a few extra days in case you have the time. You choose the weekend prior to the event or a few days after to enjoy all the amazing sights. For event buyers there are organized many fam trips to regions in the Czech Republic, to find out before Time Out does, what beauty they also have to offer. 19, 20,21 and 22 of June 2022 are the end of the Prague spring, the start of the Prague summer, the time Prague is at its best.

Event Highlights

Unique Format

Combination of exhibition & workshop type of events for maximum business satisfaction!

Effective Time Usage

Limited out of office time, many new business leads.

Professional Attendance

A show with destinations, suppliers and event planners only!

Expert Keynote Sessions

Delivering unique insights about the industry’s main challenges.

Fully Catered Event

Including coffee breaks, lunches, and a dinner party!

Prague, Czech Republic

Enjoy the magic!

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